09 May 2008

today's theme song

Did you like that song from the new Kia commercial? Yeah, me too. The artist (Joe Purdy) has a player on his myspace page you can listen to, or you can just hit the play button in the embedded video. The video is a Grey's Anatomy montage [Ed: ????], so you should definitely watch it if you're gay or my friend David. Otherwise, just hit the play button and minimize your browser. Or scroll down and enjoy my genius.

Maybe with all this exposure Mr. Purdy can afford to buy a razor? Nah. Keep the beard. It's working so far.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that is funny. i was visiting a friend in chicago recently and we went to get coffee. the girl in the coffee shop was rocking out to some music that i thought was pretty good. 'who is this' i ask. 'joe purdy' she replies. i go home, buy his newest off itunes, like it, watch a rare bit of tv the next day and see the kia commercial. strange. still a pretty good cd.