30 May 2008

is this news?

The top story on cnn.com was about a guy that paid his rent and now might get evicted because his landlord defaulted on the mortgage. boo hoo.

I don't understand how this is news.

When you rent you are protected from the risk associated with owning property. What the landlord does (or doesn't do) with the rent money is none of the tenants business. The landlord should honor the lease agreement, but that's it. You cannot expect the bank to honor the landlords commitment to the tenant. That is not their responsibility.

There's lots of back and forth about how 'renters need more rights' and similar bullshit. If you're renting you have rights. It's really hard to evict someone, esp. in the state where I live. Plus you have the right to move if you don't like your rental terms.

So this guy in Laguna Hills has to move because his landlord is losing the house? Tough shit. Go live somewhere else. Or get a mortgage of your own.

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