22 May 2008

Red Ring of Death (part the second); PETA needs to shut up

xbox support is shipping me a box (some people call it a 'coffin') so that I can send them my busted gaming console. so that's nice. it's no longer under warranty, except in the instance of hardware failure caused by shoddy construction and inadequate QA at the factory. which is what happened to me.

In other news: Is anyone tired of PETA besides me? They're like Al Sharpton and creationists in that their argument is crap but they still get their name in the national news. The new bluster from PETA is that they should ban whips from horse racing. What PETA really wants to do is ban horse racing, period. But that won't happen, so they scratch and claw (pun intended) to get themselves some attention. I would pay some attention if PETA was honest about their agenda.

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Anonymous said...

PETA is an interesting organization whose agenda I only partially agree with. Nevertheless, the recent derby tragedy should give everyone pause.

Humans are breading horses (intelligent emotional animals) for speed at the expense of their physiological stability. These animals are sacrificed (e.g., Eight Belles) solely for our amusement.