27 June 2011

The world I live in

Baby Girl is a big reader but it wears her out

Baby Girl and I hung out on Saturday. I had to attend a wedding on Saturday night and needed to have a lie down before I got dressed and cut some rug.

Anyway, Baby Girl felt like maybe she could also use some quiet time, so this was my view on the couch. Love that dog.

In unrelated news, my friend the Peez sent me the following text today (this is verbatim):

I just had to take a huge crap and my zipper got stuck on my suit pants- so I couldn't pull them down. Problems.

Can't say I've been there, but it sounds distressing. Luckily he has been working out a lot, dropped a couple ell bees lately, and was able to shimmy out of his slacks before any Unpleasantness. Aren't you glad we talked about it? Yeah me too.

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