01 July 2011

Turn up the Awesome for America

I wrote a long post about education spending and defense spending and stupidity and a bunch of other stuff that makes me write long blog posts but it was just too much Bad News. Bad News isn't good for traffic and no one reads that stuff anyway so I'm going to bury it between some other posts about awesome shit that is awesome and if you want to read it later you can.

 So here's a link to a recipe for a delicious cocktail:


For example, here's the instructions on Ice:
Thirty pounds of party ice is not too much. Some will melt. Some will be used with the excess of mixers listed below to concoct nonalcoholic drinks for children, designated drivers, and persons treating chlamydia with antibiotics. Some will be placed in sandwich bags and applied to areas of injury.

I'm thinking of putting it together at some point this weekend.

I write the long posts mostly because people say all kinds of stupid shit and although none of that stuff will change anyone's mind it's nice to have in your back pocket when someone says something ridiculous, as when my co-worker pointed out the divine providence of the Omaha beach landing in WWII in the break room the other day. He didn't mention what God was doing while Hitler's SS was gassing/starving/burning/shooting 6+ million Jews. I'm sure there was a really good theological explanation. Actually I'm sure there wasn't, but that didn't shake his firm belief. The whole thing was depressing and weird. 

Anyway, the point is that it's fourth of July weekend so I hope you are having a fine old time celebrating the birthday of the world's greatest nation.

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