25 July 2011

Well played, sandwich guy. Well played.

The backyard (seriously)
I get sandwiches at the local grocery on occasion. For lunch. The deli made sandwiches are really hit or miss. Too many variables to list them all, but the two big ones are the quality of the ingredients and the person who puts it together.

The ingredients are all over the map. Sometimes the bread is stale (sometimes not), sometimes the lettuce is crisp and sometimes less so, and even the turkey depends on the mood of the assembler. Some days you get the boring bland stuff, some days you get the fancy premium pepper Boar's Head turkey cold cut.

There is one guy that does a consistently superior job, but he's not always there. So you take your chances.

I mention all this BS (that's backstory, thanks very much) because today I filled out my sandwich form as per usual but my order was misread and inverted, so my regular options were omitted, and my regular omissions were included. Hello turkey with mustard and tomatoes and pepperoncinis (I always get those though so who knows what the guy was looking at). As it turns out, the sandwich was excellent. Tomatoes were surprisingly delicious and I didn't mind that it was missing lettuce and onions. Nicely done, sir.

Note: Photo has nothing to do with my lunch. It's just a nice picture of the koi pond that I took with the crap camera on my cellphone. It's been hot here and I'm not sure if the fish like it but the plants seem to love it.

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