15 July 2011

Yeah that looks about right

Got a new motorcycle helmet. Nothing wrong with the old helmet. But I wanted a new one, so I could switch it up now and again. Some days you want to rep the union jack, some days you want to rep Colin Edwards. Either way, really. It's pretty cool though.

In other news, the roommate got a new Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE for the garage. (Apparently It's so extreme that the 'e' couldn't handle it and bailed.) It will make all the exercise he's not getting a lot more convenient, if a bit pricey. He mentioned to me that he had a hard time getting to the gym because he wanted to get home to the dog. I said that the dog didn't seem to be an issue when he went to his girlfriend's house. So I'm skeptical, but whatever. He probably thinks motorcycles are silly. EVEN THOUGH THEY TOTALLY AREN'T. pffffffft.

The Harry Potter movie comes out today. I opted against the midnight showing but I'll make sure to get current early next week after the crowds thin out a little.

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