05 July 2011

Kick out the Jamz

Summer weather = summer anthems.
If you're not feeling this then you may need to turn it up a little louder.

I spent my Cuatro de Julio paddleboarding in Crystal Cove. It seemed like a better deal than a hangover. "Paddleboarding" might be giving it some credit. I mostly tried not to fall in while I was looking at the fish, leopard sharks, skates and stingrays. Ocean paddling is a bit more difficult than an afternoon cruise around Newport Harbor. Good times.

Speaking of making good choices on my favorite summer holiday, one acquaintance of mine was arrested for illegal fireworks. I'm not sure how much trouble he's in but I hope he got rid of the stuff his pyrotechnician neighbor gave him before he got caught. Cops tend to frown on unlicensed possession of high explosives. They tend to frown even further when you light them off in places where all fireworks are expressly illegal, like Newport Beach, CA. They're funny that way.

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