22 July 2011

Imitation, flattery, and theft (yeah I stole this)

Irrelevant Demotivational pilfered direct from Badass of the Week
 Confession time: I've been sitting on one of my favorite websites for a while now, waiting for the perfect moment to share it with you, the public. As it happens there is no perfect moment. And it's possible that many of you have already heard of it.


Today is Friday, and that means that at some point today there will be an updated Badass of the Week.

I've been working through the BotW entries for a while now and they really don't ever get old. I find that they are best savored one or two at a time, because there's only so much facepunching, sackbusting badassery that the human mind can take before you start to desensitize, and that's not cool. None of the epic awesome that is Badass of the Week should be anything but epic and awesome.

The language from BotW can best be described as colorful, and as such isn't strictly SFW. (There are f-bombs, is what I'm saying.) But it's not unsophisticated, and fans of comic books (check), video games (check), history (check), esp. combat history (check), mythology (check), role playing games like D&D (check), and people/things that are awesome (check, and check) will enjoy the hell out of it.

My favorite recent paragraph (and there are many from which to choose) is from the entry on Buzz Aldrin. I'm well familiar with the history and hagiography of Aldrin, since he features in two excellent books: The Right Stuff and, more recently, Rocket Men (second book highly recommended). Anyway, here's my favorite extract from his bio on my new favorite website:

OK. Now this is the United States, and here in America you are free to believe whatever crazy ridiculous nonsense you want to believe. In fact, guys like Buzz Aldrin have fought wars to defend our right to say whatever the hell we want to say whenever we want to say it, no matter how much it makes us look like complete idiots/toolsheds/jackasses. But when you go up to a man, especially a hardass like Buzz Aldrin, look him in the eyes, and call him a "liar, a thief, and a coward" to his face, you also have the right to receive what's rightfully coming to you. And in this case, what's coming to you is a fucking punch in the mouth.

Buzz took one look at this guy, said nothing, and coldcocked that douche in the chops with a head-shatteringly badass face-punch that left him staggered and dazed. I'm not entirely sure what happened afterwards, but my guess is that the cops showed up, took one look at Buzz Aldrin, and then maced the shit out of the conspiracy theorist with a bunch of crazy tear gas pepper spray stuff and arrested him for violating every conceivable statute relating to "Criminal Dumbassery".

I emailed my cousin to suggest that he incorporate the BotW site content into his kids bedtime reading. The oldest is around 6 so he might be a little young for it. I'm hoping he set it aside for the future, because they are going to love it.

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