21 June 2011

More football!

I know that about half the readership (that's ~5 of you) aren't terribly interested in the football stories. I encourage you to come back tomorrow for a post on ridiculous wars on ideas/concepts. If you just want some good old-fashioned funny then give it an extra day.

The NYT gives FIFA crony Jack Warner the benefit of an investigative report. As anyone who even kind of follows international football already knows, FIFA is corrupt. In evidence I submit: Qatar and the 2022 world cup.

And also this:

In other news Clint Dempsey decided to show up for the game against Jamaica. He played very well, scored a goal and was generally threatening throughout the game. He made a lot of noise about his detractors after the game; not sure why. If you're a disgrace to the USMNT jersey then you can expect to hear about it. On the other hand, if you play well, then you should expect to hear about that too. Got to take the rough with the smooth, homie.

I think the final is this weekend? Can't remember. Check your local listings.

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