09 June 2011

Pwning some n00bs

Hit the track again this week. That's yours truly showing another n00b how to get somewhere on a motorcycle.

Body position makes a difference; I can go faster in the corner because hanging off enables the bike to stand up straighter, increasing the contact patch, and also enabling me to get on the throttle sooner. You care.

Not pictured: the mustache I've been working on. It's gotten kind of annoying, although it is awesome in a 70s sort of way. I went with the horseshoe, which I realized my father used to favor back in the day. (It's a distant memory, and as such a bit unreliable, but I think it's accurate.) It definitely makes me look like a cracker. Or the guy from Reno 911. Because I wear aviators all the time. It all looks a more than a bit ridiculous, which is the point. Still not sure if I'll make it to the 4th of July. That is serious commitment.

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