16 June 2011

My kind of flight attendant

Loved this video way too much.

(Special shout-out to my football-loving readers.)

True story: John Spencer probably has more game than some of his current players.

Did anyone watch the USA vs. Guadeloupe (sp?) game earlier this week? The only goal that the mighty USA scored against that lowly Guadelope-ians was a very nice strike from Jozy "I like to take most of the game off" Altidore.

Altidore is mostly famous for being just good enough to remind me of how bad he is.

Clint Dempsey, easily the US best player besides Landycakes, decided to pout and shart his way through the entire 90+ minutes. The late missed opportunity he had cleared off the line? I could have finished that. I usually don't make those kinds of statements because I think it diminishes how difficult it actually is to play the game. But if you watch it I think you'll agree: it was a sharting. I watched it again and I agree that Dempsey is a showboating jackass, and that sort of thing only works well when delivering a result. Which he didn't.

Bob Bradley needs to be replaced. I didn't think his contract should have been renewed after the last world cup and hasn't done anything to dissuade me from that opinion since then. You care.

Can we get John Spencer in the job? It would be good if only to see what he said to Dempsey after that missed goal opportunity.

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Shannon Green said...

That's hilarious and I don't even know who that guy is.