02 June 2011

Didn't see that coming

(Apologies for celcam image quality - the flower is purple, I promise)
Long-time readers will remember when my roommate was cleaning up the dog poop and threw up in the koi pond. Never a dull moment around my house. Anyway, the fish didn't seem to mind but during the winter all the plants in the pond that aren't weeds pretty much give up. All the lilies disappear and you wonder if they're ever going to come back. When the roommate last cleaned out the pond he left one potted plant completely submerged with only a feeble stalk to even indicate that there may have, at one time in the distant past, been a plant there.

So imagine my surprise this past weekend when the feeble stalk grew into several little lily pads and an actual flower (!!). So much beauty. Awwww...

In unrelated news I'm trying to grow a mustache for my friend's fourth of July party. I'm committed to the concept but good lord it's annoying and itchy to have all this fur on my face. Right now I'm rocking a feeble beard. If/when the 'stache parts fill in a little I'll trim the beard section down and see how it looks. So far it's looking decidedly entry-level. I'm not sure the finished product will be strong enough for Independence Day, or even if I will be able to see it all the way through. You care.


Anonymous said...

mustaches rocked by anyone not overtly mexican (in which case they are f'n' awesome) are trite and pathetic beyond recompense.

koi rule.

Ana Maria Nedelcu said...