27 June 2011

Beer shopping

Party Cat is checking beer temp
Big party on 2nd July at friend Jeff's house. He was nice enough to throw a party so I said I'd buy the beer. Had to order a keg and wasn't sure which type of beer to get so I consulted the Oracle of the Intertubes and Party Cat seems to indicate that Miller Lite is the first choice, followed by PBR, and maybe Leffe (a personal favorite) if you want to go upscale. Leffe is a bit heavy for beer pong and PBR only tastes good if you're drinking it in Long Beach or at Thanksgiving dinner so: Miller Lite it is.

Note that Party Cat isn't actually my cat. I live with a dog right now, and she's more the bookish type. (Pictures to follow.)

1 comment:

vj said...

ohh wow!!!! what a moment captured in the camera. the cat staring at thr camera as if he is saying " stay away from those beers, all are mine" he he he......anyways, hope you all had a great party time. was the cat high after having beer??