30 April 2008

why so angry?

[this is the toughest red panda / firefox I have ever seen. he is going to cuddle with you, but he has to kick your ass first. grrrrrrr!!]

There are all kinds of weird, self-righteous people out there. And there are idiots. And there is some overlap between the two groups. Which is good for me when I need a laugh.

Take Gerard Talbot, for example. I happened across some of Gerards comments on the mozilla website that had a cute picture of a sad little firefox (must be the cousin of the asskicker pictured here). Gerard was so incensed about the sad picture that he LAID DOWN THE LAW.
Here's my favorite excerpt from his (long) comment:

3- “Please don’t hurt the web, use open standards”
should not be referring to mistreated animal, animal cruelty, wildlife animal trembling in fear, anxiety, stress, fearing for his life, etc.. I totally and unequivocally disagree with the use of that image: it sends a wrong message. It misuses the image of animal cruelty to convey badly battered markup code, hacks of all sorts in webpages, etc.. There is a huge difference between the 2.

Gerard, I think I speak for many when I say: Chill out, man. It's a t-shirt. For an internet browser. Also: you're giving me anxiety, and I think your badly battered code (on your website) is cruel to look at. for f's sake.

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