15 April 2008

NYC in Review: day four (part 1), plus: 3 reasons why visiting NYC is like leaving the country

I spent my last full day in NYC maximizing my tourism: Staten Island Ferry (walked near), South Street Seaport (walked by), Central Park (walked through), Times Square (walked across). Eyeballed the Statue of Liberty from a respectful distance. Got some sun, almost had to buy one of the ugliest hats in the history of haberdashery.

On the whole it was just like on TV, although the chicken-onna-stick in Times Square was surprisingly good. The crush of humanity in Times Square was hectic. Slice of awesome: the rollerskaters getting down in central park. If I'm ever back in summertime I will head to the park b/c I hear they get the turntables out and have a block party. w00t!

3 reasons why visiting NYC is like visiting a foreign country:
  • You don't speak the language - Trust me, you don't. If you think you do, just ask someone on the street (in English) and they will either ignore you, run away, punch you, tell you to go f yourself, or give you an answer in some incomprehensible dialect. They might do all of those things (though not in that order).
  • Your money is no good there - Bring piles of cash; it won't be enough.
  • Diversity - NYC is very cosmopolitan. Although the rest of US claims to be "diverse", the US as a whole is about 13% hispanic, 12% black, some small % asian and everyone else (too lazy to look it up), and the rest is white. That's not New York. The people dress differently than anywhere I've been (although they all seemed to have on the same thing, which I found amusing).

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