07 April 2008

NYC in review: brick by brick

I wanted to do a lot more posting while I was in Manhattan but didn't get a chance. I was busy doing stuff. One thing I wasn't busy doing was taking pictures. I took exactly zero photos during my trip. That was dumb of me but I'm working through it. I got this picture of 57th street from flickr. Many thanks to the person that posted it.

I'll post highlights about my trip once a day for the rest of the week. Get excited.

First night out was fun. We went to the meatpacking district, which used to be a slum but is now where the rich people hang out, or so I'm told. It was spelled 'MEETPACKING DISTRICT' on the map that I brought with me (true story). Went out with some peeps, drank a lot. A good start because I got no sleep and went sightseeing the following day.

At one point I was doing some dancing and had to quickly (and I do mean quickly) step away from the hotly contested b-boy danceoff that broke out (get it? broke out? honk!) right next to me. Handstands and headspins all over the place. I did the running man (see video embedded above), just to show them how I hold it down.

Comment from Jeff: New York is great if you like brunettes in black.

Tomorrow I'll post about: Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, MoMA, The Strip House (dinner)

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Anonymous said...

I had to laughf out loud at jeff's comment. too true.