11 April 2008

NYC in Review: day two (part 4): The Strip House

Went to The Strip House (link here or here) for dinner on Thursday night. Some argue that it's the best Steak House in the city. That's a matter of debate, but this isn't: the food is excellent. Reservations required a month or more in advance. I had the strip steak (it's called the Strip House for a reason), one guy had the filet, and everybody said it was fantastic.
Appetizers: 1 dozen fresh oysters, 1 order shrimp scampi
Entrees: 3 strip steaks, 1 filet
Sides: creamed corn, creamed spinach, goose-fat crusted potatoes
Wine: 2004 Clos du Val cab
Dessert: Tahitian vanilla creme brulee and the Strip House Choc Cake

The desserts were good but not on par with the rest of the meal, which was superb.

I didn't finish my steak and still waddled out of there like a stuffed penguin. (burp)

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