14 April 2008

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some movie reviews

My TV is broken. Six months old, so the TV guy is coming by to look at it. Last TV lasted 6 years and no problems. New TV isn't holding up quite as well. Color me disappointed.

As a result I've seen two not-very-good movies in the last 2 days. There's only so much hanging out at the house / reading / guitar playing that I can do.

Flawless w/ Michael Caine & Demi Moore - Formulaic heist film set in 60's London. Don't even bother to rent it unless you need help falling asleep. The ending was a nice twist, though.

Run Fatboy Run w/ Simon Pegg & Thandie Newton - Simon Pegg is funny. Hot Fuzz was hilarious, as was Shaun of the Dead. Unfortunately this movie is directed by David Schwimmer, who was the un-funniest character on a show crowded with annoying idiots. In the movie Pegg plays the Schwimmer douchebag loser role, and it goes on for hours, like a Friends re-run marathon. Dylan Moran does some fine work trying to lighten it up a bit, but he's not enough. This is a crap movie.

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