13 April 2008

NYC in Review: day three (part 2): Sushi Samba no. 7, bars, plus Sasha and Digweed

Does it feel like I packed two weeks worth of activities into 4 days? It did to me, which is why I'm so burnt out this week.

Why all the detail? So I can review it later. Seriously.

Anyway, dinner/drinks at Sushi Samba 7 (link has annoying music), lots of drinks at some local bars, and Sasha and Digweed, because I was in New York and WTF.

Dinner was great. No idea why the spot got poor reviews. Drinks were good, service was good, and food was excellent. It was really loud, though. At least they had cachaca; it was the first I'd seen it since I was in Brazil. They're selling atmosphere at that place more than anything, but the food is good.

After visiting local bars for a bit we headed over to see if we could get in and see Sasha and Digweed. Things get a bit fuzzy at this point. Could have been the drinks but I'm not sure. What do they put in those things?

The line at Webster Hall was outrageous, place was packed. My friend Zach doesn't wait in lines, so we pooled our resources and jumped the queue. Got inside, enjoyed a kickass set, went home late (or early, depending on how you approach the morning). Good times.

day three: central park (on a sunny day), times square, chicken onna stick, Moonwork, the wee hours

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