10 January 2014

Losing Reese, One Year On

Oh Were You Using That?
It's been a year since the Great Sadness. If I had a dollar for every word I've said or written about the emotional cost of losing Reese I would have an unfathomable amount of money. I would also still feel her absence just as sharply as ever. Tried to review some photos of her this week for other posts and it broke me just the same as if she died yesterday. Borrowing from Ken Layne, it is absurd to grieve for a dog this way, but that's how it is.

For a while I thought that I would get back to my 'old' self, the person I was before I met Reese's mom and fell in love with both of them. That guy was fun to be around. Took me a long time to figure out that's not going to happen. I'll never be that person again. Different, sure. Older, definitely. Wiser, maybe. But not the same.

No doubt I am lucky to have made it so far in life before having these experiences. Didn't make it any easier.

If you have a pups or cat of your own then please give them a hug and a kiss today. Do it every day. But especially today.

Thanks for reading. See you out there. 

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