05 January 2014

The People Have Spoken (Again)

From the post with the videos of the cute kid interviewing Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard we get this from Ze Newbs:

I still hate SG. I just hate him a tiny bit less now. 

To which I respond: 
Your team suits up A$shley Cole AND John Terry. They are two of the most loathsome people in all of football. Yeah Stevie G. is overrated these days and he whines a lot and winning the Champions League in a penalty shootout doesn't, to my mind, count quite the same as winning on goals* but still: A$shley Cole. And John Terry. Seriously.

(Actually I don't much care for Stevie G. either but I never miss an opportunity to point out that John Terry is puke.)


Unrelated: I tried to figure out how turn off the shutter sound on my iphone and the easiest way to do it is just hit the mute switch on the exterior. No bigs. This works in most places but not in areas where people were prone to perving out so hard that they outlawed taking photos without an audible cue. Places like Japan. WTF, Japan? 

* Penalty shootouts to decide championships are the worst. Both teams lose, but one loses slightly less and they get the trophy. I'm not the only person that can't stand penalties. Just sayin'.

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