13 January 2014

Naked Yoga Is Bold? I'm Unconvinced // The People Have Spoken (n+1)

Friend sent me this link:

The web copy suggests that participating in naked yoga is extremely freeing. Since most yoga clothes are skin tight already, and probably 5% of girls already wear see-through pants (unintentionally, one presumes) the added value in a naked class seems psychological, not aesthetic.

Looks like gimmicky bullshit. I am not sure being naked would make me feel 'free'; I don't find boardshorts restricting either physically or psychologically.* Nor have I ever been on a yoga mat and thought, wow this class is great but you know what it needs? It needs more dick. Because it would be so much better if I could just get my genitals out and happening. Also, why is my ass covered? Damn that is restrictive. My ass needs to be free. Heck it would be better if everyone took their pants off and tops off. That's freedom! Root chakra FTW!

Nope, never said that. Because I don't equate exposing my genitals with being 'free' any more than I equate not exposing them with being 'restricted'. At a minimum it's a courtesy. You're not leaving much to the imagination anyway.

* No I never wear a shirt. They are not comfortable because I'm a sweaty mess.

The people have spoken about the xfit promotional photo. Sweet Katie's husband wants to know "Where are the leg workout pics?"

I'm not in charge of the photos; I will ask. (The photo I posted was unsolicited and unexpected but I appreciate that they sent it to me.) They tend to feature the ladies for squat pics. Because you can see their, uhh, form. Alternatively, come to a yoga class. Plenty of man-thigh on display there. : )


Zach said...

If hell does exist, that would be my literal definition of it.

Anonymous said...

very funny post.

i enjoy being naked, problem is i think it might not that pleasing to others.