12 January 2014

I Love Dessert

Hanging Out (HONK!)
Starting yoga teacher training this week. 200 hour course, if you're curious. Entry level. (There's an additional 300 hour course for more committed / heavily funded / future teachers.) Keeps me busy, which is good. Turns out there's only so much xbone I can play.*

Although I'm becoming more and more convinced that I like hot girls in yoga pants far more than I like yoga it will be good to learn new things. Broaden my horizons, meet some new people, etc. And spend a lot of time with (possibly hot) girls in yoga pants. Synergy!

Long time readers will know that when I'm not being awesome at my job or bumbling at yoga I spend my free time flailing at a xfit gym. The weights aren't going to lift themselves, people.

One of the coaches took this photo over the summer. I didn't know they were taking pictures or I would have kept my shirt on. Hah no I wouldn't. F that noise. Shirts just slow you down and I need all the help I can get.

* Not a euphemism. 


Sweet Katie said...

Jeff wants to know where the leg workout pictures are. I think you look beautiful : )

Anonymous said...

synergy was funny. nice pic