28 January 2014


This was on deadspin. They sourced it somewhere but I forgot to find it. I copied it here because it is awesome. You may have to download it to your desktop to achieve full-resolution awesome. I'd prefer a chart that made all the toy and miniature dogs more opaque so that they could be identified but easily ignored. If your dog is a toy then it sucks.

The sad truth is that pure bred dogs in general tend to have health problems. Mixed breeds from the shelter tend to be the longest lived, most robust dogs, but getting a dog at the shelter doesn't have the same cache as a purebred dog.

Buying a mixed breed dog has been all the rage for the past several years. It's got all the cachet of a pure bred and poodle mixes don't shed! It's highly likely that if you buy a labradoodle or golden doodle then you're a Range Rover driving, whole foods shopping, fair-trade coffee drinking, montessori school, slow food cliche. Not coincidentally I have yet to meet a trendy poodle mix that was worth a damn, although that probably says more about trendy people buying 'trendy' dogs than it does about the dogs themselves. With enough love and training almost any dog will turn out great.

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Zach said...

fun fact: canine has biggest % range in body mass of any species. you're welcome.