09 June 2013

What Are You Looking At?

Guess Which One is Butterball McFatty and I Will Send You Cookies (SRSLY)
Wrote a different post to accompany this photo but after I read it I took it down. Mainly because it sucked.

Saved the picture though, which is good, because...

Bumped into a girl from the gym at the farmers market today and was talking about, what else, the gym.* I mentioned that she was featured on the gym website in a photo, asked how she felt about it. She said she didn't love the picture, but at least her "calves looked good".

I was too confused to laugh at first (Wait, what? Calves? Back up - were they even IN the picture?) but after a couple beats I had a good chuckle and she thought I was making fun of her. I wasn't, at least not intentionally. I was laughing about the disconnect between what we see from the inside vs. what other people see from the outside.

By way of example, in the photo above I see a lazy slob that didn't finish his workout on Friday and needs to work harder, maybe cut back on the desserts a little (maybe - I love desserts). You probably just see a bunch of people getting exercise. And you're not wrong. But neither am I.

*First rule of crossfit: you always have to talk about crossfit. Which is kind of silly because it's true of everything. What do you think the people in my yoga classes talk about? The shit they do in their free time, which: yoga.  **

** I miss talking about yoga with someone from class. It's a good way to digest the experience.

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