10 June 2013

No Takers?

Not Paleo
UPDATE: Occasional reader and regular baseball fan Ze Newbs has decided to take advantage of the limited time offer. So cookies are gone, for now. I'll let you know when I do it again.

Apparently my mini-contest didn't set the world on fire. The readership isn't interested in guessing games. Which I can understand.

Here's the thing: I need to get these g-damn fat cakes the fuck out of my house. I am sick with dough bloat. You want some cookies? Email me your shipping address. They go out tomorrow (Tuesday, 11 June).

Not sure how many it'll be. Figure a dozen or thereabouts. Depends how many I stuff in my face before I get them boxed up.

Don't forget that one of my favorite breakfasts is a cookie in the bottom of a bowl of Crispix. You usually always run out of cookie before you run out of cereal so best practice is to just slide another cookie under the floating cereal layer and carry on. I average four cookies per bowl. It really gets the day (and your diabetes) started.

This was the first batch of cookies in my current apartment. No I didn't move, I just never baked anything here. You care. The best part was that as I was in the middle of putting it together I noticed I was missing some key hardware. Had to cycle over to Jefe's house to borrow.

You probably think I didn't have a baking sheet or mixer or something. Ahh, no. I have a wide selection of premium baking implements, tools and appliances; I was missing the teaspoons I need to scoop the dough.* Why no teaspoons? Because the dinnerware got jettisoned a couple moves ago and I never re-bought because the Girl and I were going to move in together. We know how that worked out. :: sad faces ::

Jefe and his Mrs. came through so no bigs. I delivered them a generous portion of dough by way of thanks. Now they're sick with dough bloat too! Synergy!

* I imagine it is possible, in theory, to bake cookies without using teaspoons to scoop the dough but I've never done it in my many, many efforts. So F that noise.

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Sweet Katie said...

I guess I'm too late for the free cookies? Bummer, we always enjoy packages from you filled with chocolate chip goodness, and it's been awhile : (