17 June 2013

The People Have Spoken!

Feedback on the feedback...

Sorry for the short window on cookies. I haven't shipped cookies in a long time, mostly because it's an expensive, time-consuming pain in the ass. It's fun to make them and the dough is delicious but it doesn't take long for them to become an albatross. It'll be a while before I do it again, mainly because I need to get back on the program after the binge. I feel fat, is what I mean. But cookies are soooo gooood.

Speaking of fat, you know what's worse than a bloated whale? A bloated sunburned whale. My fresh to death sunburn was annoying shortly after it happened but it has blossomed into a sleep-interrupting misery. It doesn't look like much but wow is it uncomfortable. Enh, it looks bad but I would expect it to look worse given how annoying/painful it is. Let's go eat some ibuprofen! Is that funny? Only if it is happening to someone else.

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