16 June 2013

Some People Never Learn

I am sun-sensitive. I am also an idiot, so now I have a sunburn.

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to go to the park and read for a bit. I took precautions, put sunscreen everywhere I could reach. The breakdown was when I opted to sit in a way that exposed the part I can't reach (my back) to the noon sun for an extended period (40 minutes, if we're counting).

My thinking, if you can call it that, was that I would sit in such a way that my back wouldn't get much sun, just my shoulders. You could charitably call my choices 'optimistic', but I think 'stupid' is probably more accurate. It was too much sun for much too long.

No doubt you would love a picture but there isn't much to see. Imagine the last time you had an uncomfortable sunburn on your back - it's exactly like that. Ugh.

Unrelated: True Blood is on HBO tonight. Good thing I have an iPad and a friend's HBOgo account information. Har.


Sweet Katie said...

That's how we watch True Blood too. And yes, sun burns are uncomfortable.

Zach said...

i'm not sure it is any consolation but i laughed out loud multiple times reading that post. mostly because it was well-written but also because you have a sun burn. what can i say? no one ever accused me of being very nice.