11 June 2013

The People Have Spoken (again)

Updates from the readership!

Regarding that deliciously over the top AVB remix post, Big Cheese says:

you can its tell AVB from the first baseline. Wow. hard driving cheese, in the most outsanding way. pretty sure PVD would rock this out too.

I am literally chuckling and smiling ear to ear with the awesome cheese as I type this. and the guitar come in.

lol. wow. thank for sharing

// Yesss don't even try and fight the sweet sweetness of that jam. It is so over the top.  Very glad you liked it. Even the structure of the song acknowledges that it only has one role to play: intro, build, build, build, mega cheese breakdown, outro. There is like 2:30 of outro. Why so much? Well, why not? You already got to the good part and you should be mixing into another song already. Who needs an ending once you're done with the middle? 

Re: my superb experience at the ball park years ago with himself and Future Mrs. Newbs, Ze Newbs says: 

Ahhhhh, those were the days. Sneaking warm, frothy beers into the yard. I'm not sure why I stopped that practice. While I do make more than $600/year now, it isn't like I can afford $10.25 a beer. Unrelated: I've got tickets for the [date redacted]. Consider yourself invited. Seats are closer to the field but beers won't be any colder/less frothy. 

//How did we sneak the beers in? Didn't we give them to Future Mrs. Newbs to carry in her handbag? IIRC they were too big to stuff into our pockets because they were tallboys. Maybe I gave my beers to her and you had yours in your pockets with a sweatshirt or jacket tied at the waist for stealth? Memory is faulty at best. I remember at least 16 oz of warm, foamy goodness per can. So good. Except not really good. Yet still somehow good.

Thanks for reading.

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