03 March 2008

still a long shot to make the reunion

The Pioneer High School (San Jose) class of '92 had some characters. Ronnie Ledesma was a good friend; we played basketball together (he was good, I was not) and spent many an evening drinking beer that he bought from the only liquor store that would sell to someone w/o an ID. I don't remember if he ever graduated, but pretty much anyone can graduate from public school, so he probably did. Then he moved on to bigger and better things, as shown in the video above. This is not the first time I've posted about Ronnie and his crimes, and I'm surprised he was out of jail after his previous arrest.

Fast forward to 1:48 into the video to see the footage of Ronnie cuffed and stuffed. Except for the soul patch he looks the same as ever.

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thugaliciously fantastic