17 March 2008

a letter of apology to my largest digestive organ

Dear Liver,
I know that I haven't treated you very well over the years. There was a time (some people call it "college") when I really kicked you around. Since then I've treated you a lot better on average, with occasional lapses in judgment leading to spending the following day in bed promising not do you like that again. Or at least not soon.

Sunday was one of those days, and I apologize. I know you work hard to detoxify the body, and that this task is made more difficult when I ingest large (and I mean XXXL-large) amounts of toxins. So great job, Liver, and please accept my apology. I'm going to give you a break this year on St. Patrick's day because you already did so much heavy lifting this weekend. I love you that much.

Happy St. Patrick's day,

(tried to get a picture of a liver but everything was copyrighted and protected. told you the liver needs protecting. so there.)

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