31 March 2008

it's from France, but I've seen it here

I don't get to the clubs as much as I used to (they make me tired). So when a "new" dance movement comes along I generally read about it in the paper (as opposed to see it in person). Which brings us to this piece in the Guardian. Apparently there's a new dance thing happening in France, and it involves swinging your arms around. A lot. World domination is just around the corner, except...

I've seen this done before, so maybe the "new" part is that some group of straight-edge kids in extra tight jeans and appalling haircuts is getting some attention. The article points out that the club night the group loves so much started TEN YEARS AGO, although very few of the kids currently involved in the trend were going to clubs back then. If they were, they could have seen the very same thing they are doing now. But in baggy jeans.

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Anonymous said...

yeah the music nor the moves are all that much different, and I don't mind either. the tight jeans, bad hair, and 80's kicks are all the rage in Chicago, usually associated with a bike sin derailiers and a u-lock in the back pocket all of which are deplorable. but less people driving no matter how they are dressed is a good thing.