21 March 2008

The Swamp of Sadness: I've been there

A while back I went to see Princess Bride at the local theater. It was good times. I wrote a thing about it but I'm too lazy to add a link you won't click through. Enh, okay, here you go.

Last night I revisited The Neverending Story. Some 80's movies have held up really well (Princess Bride, Goonies, among a few others). Other 80's movies are worth reviewing if only for their unintended hilarity. Neverending Story was the latter type. It was funny, but so bad-it-was-good funny. Bad acting, bad props, bad dialog, bad animatronics, bad everything. Nothing about it was good, except to remind you that if you have 2 hours and $6.50 you should spend them more wisely on a Wednesday night. I told my friend it was a life lesson, and that she should thank me for showing her the value of her time/money.

Title of this post refers to the place that Falcor the Luck Dragon picks up Atreyu (sp?) the hero. [I felt awkward just typing that.] I was in the Swamp of Sadness at that point too, so I was kind of bummed when a big hairy claw didn't descend from the ceiling to pull me out of it.

Next week on the big screen: Point Break.
Johnny Utah and that weird love interest. What was her name? Bodie? Beadie? Brodie? Whatever.
effin' A, bro.

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