20 March 2008

my bracket punches your bracket in the throatbone

Dooshie McTool (that's me) has filled out his NCAA Tournament Bracket (Men's Div I, if you must know).

If you want to win your office pool then this is probably not a good starting point. I have never had any kind of success with this stuff. But it's fun to have a rooting interest. And talk trash to people that had worse picks than you.

Some picks are standard every year: USC and University of Arizona (aka USC Southwest) both get bounced in the first round. That has wreaked havoc on my bracket in years past, but since U of A doesn't even belong in this years tournament (they should have taken Arizona State) and USC is playing Kansas State, I feel good about it. I expect Michael Beasley of K. State to punch his ticket to NBA millions by kicking ass and taking names, starting w/ USC. Can't wait.

If you've got a bracket, let's compare on Monday.

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