26 March 2008

where I've been

Metaphysically, I've been in a dispute with my former roommate about his deposit. After consulting with a lawyer, I was told, "You are right, he is wrong, and you will probably win in court. But it's only $115, so my advice is to pay him and be done with it. It's extortion, and I see it all the time. Don't let it bother you."

I'm doing well with all of that except the last part. Humorously, she had additional advice, "I'm not an expert on landlord-tenant law, so I consulted with a colleague; I'm a defender, so if you assault him, I can help you."

Nothing feels as good as paying a liar who is legally wrong and morally repugnant. If it were more money I'd go to court.

I tried to find a picture of a lying douchebag but I'm busy.

I related this story to a friend, and he said, "it's surprising that your former roommate would compromise his ethics for such a pittance; how sad that's all his honesty was worth."

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