31 May 2015

The Good Stuff: David Regelin Yoga

Took a class with David Regelin yesterday. Didn't know too much about him except he was from New York. Actively avoided doing too much research; better to go and see what he's all about and decide for myself. Plus I was looking for an excuse to get out of the house and yoga workshops are good because you always learn something, even when they are terrible.

The class was outstanding. Great from start to finish. David is an inspired, careful, intelligent teacher. I cannot recommend him enough. I described him as 'Tim Senesi East' to people that know Tim. Not because they are both annoyingly tall, dark and handsome (though they are), but because they are very athletic, alignment-focused, have a wealth of knowledge and share it in a useful, digestible way. If Regelin is ever in your area then make an effort to get to his workshop or training. Absolutely worth your time and money.

And the tall part matters: the balancing poses are easier for shorter people so seeing a muscular person taller than me teach poses is inspiring and humbling. It's great that the toothpick-armed jockeys can do cool shit but I'm neither skinny nor short so I have other challenges, like fitting my man-thighs into boardshorts. And getting some sun. Maybe.

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