18 May 2015

I Went There*: Portland

*One in an occasional series where I talk about places I visited. If that's not your thing then here are cat videos.

Visited Portland, Oregon for several days. Had meetings, ate food, walked around, went to yoga. Portland has a lot of neckbeards and able bodied homeless and brunettes with sensible haircuts. Normally I'm a fan of short hair but Portland made me realize I'm a fan of short hair that says, "I styled my hair like this because it is cute". Portland girl styles are more "I didn't feel like making any sort of effort whatsoever". It's very practical, if not terribly flattering.

It is relatively inexpensive to eat and drink downtown but the hotels are pricey. Although there were a lot of able-bodied homeless I didn't get aggressively panhandled like I did in Vancouver (which is both spectacularly expensive and overrun with gutter punks). So that was nice. Overall I recommend it. There are a lot of cool places to eat and get a beer, fun outdoorsy things to do. The yoga studio I visited was very good. The downtown and immediate environs are nice and much of it is walkable. 

Favorite thing: pie at the The Imperial. They made a strawberry-peach pie that was as good as anything I could make. If I ever go back to Portland I will make sure I stop in again.

Second favorite: River running through town. Don't see much of that down where I live. 

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