13 May 2015


Hey did you know that they are phasing out the A-10 because it is too cheap to produce? For real that is happening.

Because the Air Force is a charity corporation that only stays in business if they spend every last penny and ask for more they are devoting at least $400 billion to the F35 (which is an unmitigated disaster - google F35 disaster for more reading) and cutting programs that are less expensive and more capable.

To repeat: they are cutting programs that work better and cost less. A lot less. How can this happen? Because money.

This is happening because the USAF need to spread that government cheese around to the various contractors and congressman and leeches that keep the military industrial complex humming. The A-10 does not cost enough. Never mind what the pilots and men on the ground think about all that. Never mind that there is nothing that comes close to it in the American armory. All that value gets no traction with the accountants and administrators because they have palms to grease and jobs to justify and the only way to keep the money rolling in is to find new ways to spend it.

Possible costs for the F-35 over its lifetime have been pegged at over one trillion dollars. Chew on that.

The video producer (pilot?) opted to put a dope ass pump-up jam in the vid. It's not for everyone but I liked it. YMMV

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