10 May 2015

I am an International Financier (part n+1)

All my loans at Kiva are repaid in full so I re-lended this week because they were having a loan-matching deal. Your money goes twice as far!

I like funding smaller loans to individuals so I found a couple people that seemed like they had a good thing going. This is more financially risky but it feels like you have more of a direct impact when you can fund 50% or more of a loan. So I used the matching to fund most of a loan to Elijah in Kenya (pictured), who is in the motorcycle repair business. Motorcycles are near and dear to my heart so I can definitely appreciate a guy wanting to get some spare parts and tools to grow his business. That was an easy one. If I'm honest I got as far as "motorcycle repair" in the description before I clicked 'fund'.

After that I had some money left over so I helped fund a loan to Marisera, who is using the money to improve production at her farm.

Plenty of opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world over on Kiva. Unlike the Red Cross they are an organization that pushes economic distribution downstream instead of funneling it into their organizations 'operating costs'. The Red Cross is the worst.

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