03 June 2015

The Internet Delivers: Weird Fish Rash

The internet is full of an unlimited supply of stupidity. (You can find quite a lot of it on this blog.)
But sometimes it delivers the goods. This comment was from a weird (kind of pointless) story about not eating sewer fish in New Jersey. If you were thinking of eating sewer fish then most definitely do not. But then this happened, courtesy a glorious person that is out there, in the world, doing good work with local wildlife:

A few years ago I went down into a city ravine (water up to the knees or waist depending on where you stood) to help a 3-foot-long muscular sumbitch of a fish get off the gravel pile it had beached itself on and into deep enough water to “breathe”. My wife snapped photos, I looked like an idiot, it was all a very bad idea. Got a weird fish rash. Probably against the law? Not sure what law. Anyway, it was meant to help the fish. Somewhere in there I probably contemplated a mercy killing. Probably killed it anyway by accidentally feeding it an ice cream cone. (It got fish splashed so we dropped it in the water... and the fish went right for it. Gulp.)
Trying like hell to remember why this anecdote was relevant. The end? Thhpbbt.

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