01 September 2014

When You Gaze Into the Abyss

A couple weeks ago I spent the night in San Diego for a conference. I stayed at the Hard Rock downtown. It was very well appointed, modern, and expensive. Kind of odd, 'edgy' interior though. To wit:

When looking for something I dropped I got down to look under the bed. Saw some legs and thought there was a dead body under there. I looked up towards the head and a person was looking back at me and I thought there was someone hiding under the bed and now I was going to have to kill them and/or run away or both.

Oops! Just kidding about the monster! The bed went all the way to the ground and for some completely unknown reason there was a 4" strip of reflective material around the bottom. WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WOULD YOU PUT A MIRROR UNDER THE BED? FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK I ALMOST TRIED TO FIGHT THE MIRROR.

Go ahead and laugh at the video - someday you will see a monster and you will understand.

1 comment:

Sweet Katie said...

The video and your commentary cracked me up!