19 September 2014

An Idiot Being Idiotic

This Jackass Right Here
Gun rights are a divisive issue. Even within the gun community there are people that are so fucking dumb you can't believe it think you should be able to open carry everywhere you go. Like, fr'instance, your local Best Buy. (Open carry means that you can carry the gun out in the open, like a uniformed police officer, as opposed to concealed carry, which gives you a permit to carry a gun as long as it is - you guessed it - concealed.)

Any time those acid washed jeans ----->
aren't the worst thing in a photograph you know you have really pulled some bullshit. 

I have covered this subject before, when those pathetic losers took their combat rifles down to Chipotle to assert their gun rights. All it did was upset people. Come the fuck on.

The best part about open carry is how adamant the open carry crowd is about being able to do it. "It's my god given right and my constitutional right and open carry keeps the criminal element down and blah blah blah." Seriously if you want to give yourself the worst headache try listening to their bullshit for 2 minutes. I cannot handle it and I am very active in the shooting sports. Another red flag: when a group of die hard gun owners (like the concealed carry community) is looking at you like you're a fucking idiot then you're even more wrong than those horrid jeans.

So what else is awesome about this picture besides the jeans and carrying a gun in line at Best Buy? Well, if you're a gun enthusiast you may recognize the piece of shit Ruger SR in a Blackhawk Serpa holster set up for cross draw. That's lulz piled on lulz piled on lulz. The Ruger is one step up from useless junk but hey, if that's your thing then go crazy. You know who buys a Ruger handgun? The same type of person that buys a Serpa. Do you know who buys Serpas? People that shoot themselves. Those holsters are banned by most ranges. Don't be that person. Please. Get a real retention holster. And cross draw? Srsly?

The guy may have a medical issue or something that requires cross draw but how is he going to get his gun out of that Serpa holster? He probably has no idea. *sigh*

Sometimes exercising your right hurts your cause more than it helps.


Anonymous said...

blog success! I (someone who thinks all guns should be banned) even noted the cross draw failure here...knowledge obtained from this blog!

did you take that pic?

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