28 September 2014

The People Have Spoken! (Responses to Comments)

Let's get to it...

Someone asks about the no good, very bad open carry moron:
blog success! I (someone who thinks all guns should be banned) even noted the cross draw failure here...knowledge obtained from this blog!
did you take that pic?

Nah I got that from the internet. No open carry where I live. We used to have open carry laws in CA but the open carry asshats exercised their rights to be asshats and people were like, why are those weirdos wearing guns at starbucks? And then they changed the laws. Good one, open carry idiots!

The other comments were generally positive. You found my fear funny. I would think it were more funny if it happened to someone else. Ugh that was horrible. 

And also you love kittens. For real I love kittens and cats too. I am thinking about getting a pet but it's too hard with work travel and my small apartment. But at some point, definitely. I miss having a pups or a cat that does funny dog or cat things. 

Thanks for reading. 

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