18 September 2014

Busy Things

Long time no talk. I have blog stuff piling up but I've been busy and stuff. By 'and stuff' I mean that I hurt my back at the gym and have been in no kind of mood for the blog. It was a bad several weeks. This past weekend was a low point. Crippling pain and limited mobility. Yuck.

I'm doing PT now and that is helping a little bit. Also I'm taking an extended break from the gym. That's probably helping too. Not that you care about any or all of this but hey when you get a blog you can write about what's bugging you. I could have written 10,000 words on being depressed but who wants to read that? About the same number of people that want to live it, amiright?

Work is good. I still have a job. Sometimes I travel. I'll keep you posted.

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