19 May 2014

Throwback Thursday (early): Man Overboard by Blink 182

I have an old ipod that I use to listen to music in my car. Since I don't buy music any more all the dance mixes are current but the music ranges from "a bit dated" to "jesus I haven't heard that in ages". The only playlist of any note is Workout Jamz, which is the entire Lagwagon catalog, the entire Green Day catalog, some Rise Against, Face to Face, Strung Out, Bad Religion (some strong contenders for throwback tracks there), etc, etc. And most of the Blink 182 catalog, a band whose music I still enjoy. One of the fun things about the list is I just put it on shuffle and look forward to the surprises. This was one of them.

IIRC: This song was a b-side and didn't appear on an LP until they released their live album, which, unfortunately, sucked. But it had a studio version of this track so I bought it anyway. I wore it out when I got it and then forgot about it until it turned up in the shuffle. Happy times.

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