21 May 2014

Do Work

Long time readers will recognize that the blog is a bit light on content these days. I don't have time or energy to explain stuff in detail. And if I bump into a funny story it ends up getting lost before I can get around to writing it down. Busy doing work and stuff.

Back in the day when I lived at Chez Swenson (love and miss you guys, btw) I used to head out the door every day and make one of two jokes. One was about bringing home the bacon, which is funny because I didn't eat pork at the time. But my special favorite was to walk out the door and announce my departure by saying, "I'm off to go be fucking awesome at my job - see you tonight." Mom always laughed. She's good like that.

I will mention that unfortunate my habit of ordering cooking ingredients in excess continues. Another issue with the Amazon portion size. The latest mistake was 18 oz of guajillo chile powder. Typical spice jar size is about 2 oz. I need 1/4 teaspoon, or roughly 1/10th of an ounce. If that doesn't make sense just imagine that I need the smallest unit of volume measure above a pinch, and I ordered a jar that weighs over a pound. For f's sake. Again, not expensive, but now I have a lifetime supply. Come December if you're wondering why you got a build-your-own mole spice kit for Christmas, well, surprise! Maybe I'll sneak it into cookies or something.*

Speaking of cookies, this is exactly what I would do if someone put a cookie in front of my face while I was sleeping.

* As if I would ever modify the super bitchin cookie recipe. Come on.

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