20 May 2014

Mistakes Were Made - Chiles in Abundance

You Sure That's Enough?
I got a slow cooker and immediately began researching recipes. A slow cooker appeals to me because I like to eat but am not much interested in devoting a lot of time to cooking. Baking, yes. Cooking, not so much. With a slow cooker you just put all the stuff in, turn it on for 4 or 6 hours or whatever, come back later and it's done. Perfect. And you can make stuff in quantity for future consumption. Awesome.

You know what else a busy person like myself would prefer not to do? Make several stops at different grocery stores for various items, such as for mole chicken, which has a LOT of ingredients. I'm busy playing xbone, blogging, working, lifting heavy objects to improve my physical fitness, reading, or whatever. The store is a pain in the ass.

Amazon Prime came to my rescue, because they deliver. Just be careful about quantities or you might end up trying to buy a bag of chiles to make mole in your slow cooker and end up with 12 bags of chiles. I thought it seemed weirdly expensive when I was buying but figured that chiles were just pricey. They are, but only if you buy approximately 12x more than you need. Oops. Too many to use, not worth the time or effort to return. Now I have to research recipes that use chiles.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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