08 May 2014

Paracord Bracelets are for Boy Scouts and Clowns, plus: Fighting Pistol AAR / Review

What is it, exactly? Decoration? Jewelry? An accessory? Has anyone, ever, one time, used the cord to tie something up? No. It's just a stupid looking snag risk, a friendship bracelet for preppers. That shit is wack.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. I see them all the time at classes, at the range, out and about. It's big with the preppers, mostly. And there is a lot of prepper / gun owner overlap. For me it's a flag that says the wearer is definitely carrying a knife and possibly carrying a gun. Why would you advertise that? Dumb.

In related news I took Fighting Pistol with James Yeager (again). Posted my review somewhere else but here it is again in it's entirety, for posterity's sake. I must have done something right because Yeager invited me to come out and take the High Risk Civilian Contractor Course in Camden, TN. That course is intense but I am going to do it later this year if I can get the time off.


What: Fighting Pistol Mobile (Tactical Response)
Where: Los Angeles
Who: Yeager, Morris, and 15 students. Three were alumni.
When: May 1-2, 2014

tl;dr: Take Fighting Pistol. It is worth every penny.

This was my second time through Fighting Pistol. General comments and observations:
  • Took the course a second time to reinforce the stuff I learned the first time and also see what I missed. It can be a lot to process and that's coming from a person that has watched a ton of videos, read the recommended books (Stamford, Cooper), does dry practice, takes other training; I don't think anyone absorbs all the information one time through. You are exposed to it and process the content but retention is only obtained over time and repetition. So take it more than once, esp. if you can save money by taking it in Camden. I paid the full rate to take it again (no discounts on mobile classes) so that should give you an idea how important I felt it was.
  • Most of what I did better on the second time was the mental stuff and lecture. I have the books so I will revisit those on my own periodically.
  • Yeager said that he put together the FP curriculum by making a list of all the stuff he thought you needed to know about fighting with a handgun. Then he prioritized it, and then he taught for two days and drew a line. That became Fighting Pistol. Then he taught two more days, and that became Advanced Fighting Pistol.
  • Fighting Pistol covers a lot of stuff that isn't in other basic handgun classes. You shoot from retention, from the ground, with your strong hand only and your support hand only, etc.
  • Fighting Pistol is very process focused - there is a reason for everything you do and it is clearly explained. Yeager solicits questions repeatedly throughout the day. If you focus on the process and execute it correctly then you will get a good result. He says shooting is simple, but not easy. So he tries to keep it simple.
  • There were a lot of new shooters and it was good to see them getting started on the right track with proper training. They definitely know what and how to practice now. Pumped to see new people that are into it and get out there.
  • SHOW UP EARLY. GET THERE EARLY. BE EARLY. For real, show up at least a half an hour early. Worst case is everyone is squared away and you end up meeting some new people and talking about guns and training. That's a good outcome. Any potential issue - such as: fucked equipment, over-excitement (for real this happens), you forgot essential gear, you're band new and need some help with setup, you got lost on the way, traffic - can be fixed before class starts almost 100% of the time if you are early. You may not even know you are missing stuff until you get there so: get there early and get squared away. If you aren't early AND you have a problem it will be hard to fix without affecting someone else's class time. Yeager and Tim do not appreciate that.
  • Most of the questions that people asked were already covered in Yeager's videos. It's almost like Yeager has taught the class to tens of thousands of students and had them asked before and so he created the videos to answer them in advance. Synergy.
That's the important stuff.

Several people asked me specific questions during the class about equipment. I will answer them here.
  • Gun - HK P30L w/ light LEM trigger and XS big dots. Gun performed well but mags had some feeding issues at the end of both days. The magazines were not lubed at all which is incorrect according to the HK manual. Oops. I'm not sure it would have made a difference given the environment but I will find out next time I'm at the range and Tim buries my mags in the sand. Dick. (Kidding. Kind of.)
  • Holster - I used the class as an opportunity to test a new holster from Blackpoint Tactical. It was great. I recommend it, would buy again.
  • Mag pouches - Raven Concealment kydex mag pouches. These are worth the money.
  • Belt - Ares Gear Ranger Belt; an excellent alternative for half the money is the wilderness tactical belt with the 5-stitch option.
  • Shorts - wear them if they are weather-appropriate.
  • Shemagh - one of the only places where hipsters and shooters overlap. $9 on amazon. Buy two.

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