30 March 2011

Tools are good; good tools are great

Sharp looking, no? (HONK)
My fascination with well-made objects has already been documented in this space. Tools, denim, motorcycles, jackets, workout clothes, pencils (I did a post on pencils, right?), watches, pocketknives, whatever. Some of the items I appreciate I don't even own; the original picture from an advertorial in the 'outside gear guide' in 2007 still hangs on my wall. It reminds me that in the best design form follows function, and that sometimes you have to pay more to get more.

I was pleased to see that an American company called Best Made decided to see if they could get a piece of the Gransfors Bruks business. They have crafted a singularly beautiful and functional tool. Interestingly, Best Made appears to be targeting both a utilitarian and decorative demographic. Not a bad idea, considering that most people have little to no practical use for an axe, and they do make an excellent decoration.

The limited edition models are gorgeous and much too expensive for field use. Also, the painted sections will wear off almost immediately and get paint all over your hands. If it were up to me they would have moved the color further up the neck, so that it would last. Anyway, it will look superb on your wall, and it may come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.

Funny thing about an axe is you never need one until you need one, and then nothing else will do.

The quote below is courtesy the Best Made Co. Projects web space. Change 'out in the wilds' to 'out on the road or track' and that's how I shop motorcycle gear:

"The only really satisfactory way to approach the price problem is to ignore it. Good equipment always seems expensive, but whenever you find yourself in a store scowling at a price tag, try to remember that out in the wilds, where money is meaningless, the failure of a single item can easily ruin a trip. It may even endanger your life."

— The New Complete Walker, Colin Fletcher (Knopf, 1968)

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bsgarcia said...

i feel you on the zombies

Stumbler said...

Love this.
I went to high school with Peter Buchanan-Smith, the founder.
Will have to point him to your blog. He'll be pleased.